My First post – About Me

Hi All,

This is my first post so I thought I should first tell about myself, what I do etc.

Well I am a Software Engineer. I started programming when i was in college. C/C++ was the first programming language I learned. Then started out with assembly and really mastered it. My first job was as a Java programmer, I learned java while I was in college but never did something special on it. I once wrote the JVM as a university project and really got the idea about how Garbage Collector, Exception Handling etc. works. I was promoted to the Technical Architect position soon in my first job. I was always excited about designing architectures and using/learning about new technologies.

We were having constant performance issues with out Content Managment System at that time, and the architecture we were following was becoming a bottle neck for productivity. SoI decided that nows the time to look for alternatives.

The first thing we did was to find out the performance bottle necks, we were utilizing MySql as our database. Optimized queries, fine tuned caching etc. and migrated the application to a new framework that we called Ray which was based on Spring, hibernate and had home grown Data Synchronization framework.

After the refactory everything started to run smoothly and I decided that nows the time to move on. So i joined a new company working on a innovative idea of providing solutions for testing applications on real handsets.

I started out there as a Software Engineer and then became the Development Manager. But as always there are some hurdles that always come in your way, so this blog is actually about the daily problems that I encounter during my work etc. I will discuss the problems that we face be it technical or non-technical, what solutions we came up with, what type pf response that we got and how things went from then on.

I hope to hear from others, and all your suggestions and comments are welcomed.

My First post – About Me

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