How to get things done

Manager’s first and foremost responsibility is to get things done. The people at higher positions always expect the manager to get things done. A manager has several weapons in its arsenal to get things done like motivating his team, appreciating them time and again so that team is always motivated. Sometimes a manager has to be hard on his team to meet deadlines. These are the most commons things that manager’s always do.

I also ended up in the same situation some time back. Let me describe the situation first so that we all are on the same page. Me and my team have been working day and night for the past 1.5 months. The interesting thing is that we are already done with the tasks assign to us. So what are we working on? We are actually cleaning up the mess created by our counter team in US, infact the mess wasn’t created by the whole team instead only two guys were responsible for the whole mess.

Anyways when things like these happen we always have to clean all the SHIT up, but this time the things were different. The release got late and the whole blame ended up on my team. So I had to step up and defend my team which I right did so. The things settled down but still we are late on release and I had to do something to get things back on track.

My team is motivated and full of hardworking people. I already had the estimates which were given to our US management in advance but when pressure comes all things get loose. So I had to come up with a unique idea this time to get the things done. So I decided to make a fluke shot. I called on my team and told them to fix up the things today no matter what. I dont want team here to get blamed for the mess we didn’t created. I also told them about the mood of our US mamagment that they are very angry etc. I had to make all this up because all my attempts before ended up in vane because of the Project Manager I have with me.

Guess what this worked, the whole team including the Project Manager fixed up the things which was estimated to be done in 9 days.

So the bottom line is sometimes you have to make some drama to get the things done but sometimes.

How to get things done

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