How to turn things on its head?

Everyone in Software Industry knows about the importance of Quality Assurance. They do their best to get all the bugs out of the software before they appear at customer’s end. These guys are truly remarkable.

Quality Assurance is mostly a repetitve task. Take the example of Sanity Testing. The same scenarios will be executed before each release to make sure everything is working fine. If same question is asked to a developer he will immediately some up with some sort of automated solution to do all the repetitive tasks. Altough there are many difference between between a Software Engineer and a Quality Assusrance Engineer but this is the most basic one.

In my current company our QA team is also looking for some automation. After spending some time they have all agreed on one solutino QFTest. So now came the time to show it to upper managment and get a approval of buying the solution. An email was sent, videos were captured and ROI was prepared to get the decision in their favour but you never know what to expect. gues what our Software Development Director said. He asked our QA team to evaluate further and compile a comprehensice report comparing different Automation Solutions.

Our QA Manager really got pissed of on this and was literally abusing the Director as this was a clear indication of that he isn’t inerested in any such thing. Now this is where experience come in. Our Project Manager spent his life managing things liek that. He came up with a very interesting solution to this that turned all the things 180 degrees.

He asked our QA manager to ask our Director of thje key decision making variables so that they can base their report on that criteria. So in short he hit the ball back to place where it came from. Theres lot we can learn from this guy. He is truly amazing. Just imagine he spent 6 years in a organization as Project Manager whos CTO didn’t like him from the first day. But he couldn’t do a thing.

How to turn things on its head?

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