Logmein Rox

Atlast I got VPN rights to connect to my office’s network. All things work as I am on the same network. There are few issues like I have to use IP Addresses to connect to machine rather than using the hostname, might be a DNS issue but anyways I realized one thing.

Previously I used Logmein (www.logmein.com) to remotely connect to my office machine, had to install a program on the host machine and some plugins on my machine to access the PC just like Remote Desktop Connection. But now I thought there won’t be any need to use logmein because now I could use Remote Desktop connection for connecting on any machine. But I was wrong. There is a huge difference betweeb the performance of both. Logmein really rocks, it is reallt fast. It seemed like I was sitting infront of the machine and doing my work. Remote Desktop isn’t upto the mark in this regard, I had my settings to 28Kbps but still it was taking a lot of time to refresh the screen.

I would really recommend Logmein for anyone having to manager things remotely. Altough I am utilizing the free edition but still it rox. The commercial edition has a lot of features like File Transfer etc. Please checkout their site for further details.

Logmein Rocks!

Logmein Rox

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