Who wrote this code?

Ever felt a need for finding out who wrote a lousy piece of code in the file you are currently working on? I dont know about you but I always feel that need whenever some crappy code runs through my eyes.

Being a Java developer I use Eclipse. And it has all the options available for making this task easy. Here is the step by step description to achieve the task.

  1. Open up the file in eclipse about which you want to know about.
  2. Right-Click on it anf go to Team > Show Annotations.
  3. It will ask if you want to use Quick Diff option, select No.
  4. It will ask you to move to a CVS Repository Exploring perspective, select yes.
  5. After sometime it will show you the same file in a different editor under CVS Repository Exploring perspective with the lines marked in different colors.
  6. Select the line about which you want to know the author and on the left handside you will see the name of the author.


Eclipse really rocks!

Who wrote this code?

One thought on “Who wrote this code?

  1. Eman Ali says:

    I loved this, this how I can know who is messing with the code I commit to the CVS, now I’ll fight with the right guy 😉

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