The Whole Internet on one Page

Yes, its true. The whole internet on one page. WordtoTheWise have done a marvelous job of achieving this. The have created a map of each and every IP Address avaialable and put it on to a map. And we can browse, pan it just like Google Maps. Check it out here.

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The Whole Internet on one Page

One thought on “The Whole Internet on one Page

  1. That’s something that was released a while ago, but it is a real creative concept.

    i don’t think that there will be anything useful that comes from it, except the fact that is almost artistic, yet not ergonomic, in the eyes of what uses that is has for the internet itself.

    scrolling pictures, that just so happens to be the majority of the web, is hardly something that we can use in everyday life, but it can be captured and in different angles, be made into different shapes and can act as its own shadow, which is cool.

    i like it and hope that the developers behind it can find something that we can do with it.

    i think they might. it’s possible.



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