Sony PS3 supports Linux and Java

Did any one knew that you can run Linux and Java on Sony PS3? Yeah its true. There are people put there who have not only run Linux/Java but also ran Eclipse on it. Ingres folks are showing eclipse demos on Sony PS3.

For more information:

Sony PS3 supports Linux and Java

3 thoughts on “Sony PS3 supports Linux and Java

  1. Pwnester says:

    Actually, I’m viewing this site from a PS3 and let me tell you: it doesn’t really run java very well. In fact, I’d have to say it sucks.

  2. Valczir says:

    (yeah, I know this is old, I’m posting anyway)

    I’m posting this from gentoo linux on my PS3 in an e17 GUI. It actually doesn’t run half bad.

    Then again, I have done a few extra things to improve how binaries are compiled on my system, and I just got the brand new RSX drivers compiled and installed.

    Meh. Point is, it’s working significantly better with every day that goes by.

  3. crudo says:

    The question is, would you code on a PS3? It is severely memory constrained, I doubt you can work effectively with a project with 3000 source files in Eclipse.

    I can foresee some interesting usage in setting it up as a distributed processing node for intensive calculations, or setting up some simple linux services.

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