I am back!

Yea, this is true. After a loooooooooong delay I have decided to restart my blog and continue blogging. There were some (more than one ofcourse as I have been a controversial blogger ) post in my blog that were not taken in the way I was expecting and caused me a lot of trouble. And I mean serious trouble. Anyways lets not get into the details (as I don’t want to get into trouble again ).

The first thing that I learned is that having a disclaimer is a must on a blog. Because no matter what you write there is a chance that your post is going to be mis-interpreted and you can end up in all sorts of difficult situations.

Secondly I realized that having a blog is a very good thing in a sense that it allows you to express yourself. In the time where I was away from my blog I found out so many topics that I could blog about but was not able to. But now since I have decided to post again I will keep on writing about new things as they occur.

Lastly try to be anonymous if your posts are very near truth. As I said earlier you never know how will people react to your posts.

As Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) rightly shows:

This is it for now, stay tuned for new postings.

I am back!

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