Interview Questions Listings

Whenever I get called for an interview the first thing I always do is search the internet about the Company. What do they do? Which technology they are working on etc. Then the second thing is to get an idea about the employees already working there. Linkedin is a great site for this purpose. Not only it lists the employees of the company but you get an idea about their experience, likes, dilsikes etc. If you happen to get a clue about who is going to interview then Linkedin is the place to search about that person.

One thing that I always found missing is someone posting about the interview and/or hiring process at the company. You rarely find information about the process on internet especially for the companies in Pakistan. So I thought it would be a good idea to list these things about the companies I have been involved with and about whom I know such information (either through friends and/or inside contacts or by personal experience). So stay tuned for these posts as I will be posting a lot about the companies, their interview process and interview questions as well. I will keep track of different posts here as well as a consolidated post for easy information for all these posts so keep on checking or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Dilbert Comic Strip

I have posted the first article in the series. It is related to Quality Check Inc. From this point onwards I will keep posting links to the articles in the series here.

Interview Questions Listings

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