Quality Check Inc. – Interview Questions

This is my first post in the series of Company Interview Questions. To start with lets first see what the company does and what do they say about themselves on their site and other job listing websites. Heres a brief description available at rozee.pk

Quality Check Inc. is a U.S. based Software Company specializes in software solutions for US Health care Industries. Our Head Office is located in Florida (USA) and other office is in Karachi. We believe that commitment to quality along with creative thinking, strategic focus and relentless execution is needed to be a leader in today’s technology driven world. With this in mind our vision is to forward your vision.

Apollo is their main product for the health care industry and the mostly the team here in Karachi, Pakistan works on it.

So lets move on to the hiring process. After applying here you get a call from the HR department (there is only one guy in the HR there) about scheduling your interview. The hidden part is that before having an interview you have to go through some written test and then the interview is conducted. The written test is not that long and is divided in three parts namely:

  1. IQ
  2. Java Skills
  3. SQL Skills

The IQ section contains some well known common questions like:

  • You have two jugs having the capacity of 3 and 5 litres each. You need to measure 4 litres of water with them.
  • Pakistan’s population consists of 55% women and 45% men. 15% of women are literate. How many of pakistan’s women are literate?
  • It costs $1 each to make first 100 copies of some document. How much would it take to make 1000 copies?

Lets move on to the Java skills section. In that section there is a big chunk of code (the whole sheet is filled with code). The code is related to database connectivity where a connection is created (the usual steps involving loading the driver and making a connection). Then Statement is created, which is executed to get a ResultSet. The ResultSet is iterated and the values are used to populate a Vector of POJOs. Along with a try, catch and finally block.

  • You need to review the code, point out the mistakes in the code and suggest better ways of doing the same thing.
    Tip: Look at the code very carefully and take my word for it – this code contains tons of errors and you ca suggest many best practices in the code.

Lastly the SQL section consists of a table schema with some test data provided. Here is an example question
Employee table has columns ID, Name, ManagerID (where ManagerID acts as a recursive relationship on the same table i.e., it refers to the Employee.ID column and can contain NULLs).

Some sample data is:

ID Name ManagerID
1 Usman NULL
2 Shakeel 1
3 Haider 2
4 Rehman 1
  • You need to write a query to find all the employees who don’t have any manager.

So that is it for the test part. In the interview section the usual behavior is to ask the candidate about the test answers. If more information is required regarding the answer you gave or if anything is not clear. Since the main technology they are working on is based on Struts, Hibernate and Spring (I am not sure about Spring) you might be asked about these as well. The interviewer is a pretty senior guy and knows about Java development. So be prepared and answer the questions logically and make sure they make sense to you as well 🙂 as you might have to defend your answers a bit.

Overall I would say that the company is good. They have a pretty small setup (having 15 – 17 people working) with a size-able conference room (where usually the test and/or interview is conducted). I didn’t find any name plates of the office and to my disappointment the building’s reception also don’t know much about the whereabouts of the company so keep the phone no. of the HR person with you in case you have any trouble finding the office. This is more of an offshore office as the requirements come from their head office in US and Senior Developers co-ordinate with the PM there.

That is it from my side. If there is any more information required feel free to comment and I will be more than happy to answer. Feel free to discuss the possible answers to the questions in this post.

Quality Check Inc. – Interview Questions

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