Royal Cyber Inc. – Interview Questions

The second post in the series of Interview Questions is here. This time I am going to discuss about the process at Royal Cyber.

Company Information
As per

Royal Cyber Inc, an IBM and Microsoft certified partner, is a Premier e-Business Solution provider company based in Chicago, Illinois with development center in Karachi-Pakistan. We have been doing Application Development for more than 4 years. We work on leading edge projects including custom development for our US clients in .NET, J2EE, Delphi, IBM Web sphere etc

As per their website

Established: Based in Illinois (USA), serving big businesses including many Fortune 1000+ companies from 1997 by experienced IT professionals.
Objective: To Offer cutting edge IT services globally & help Organizations both in Public & Private sector to improve & modernize their services supplementing their skill set with Team augmentation, On-site resource deployment, Mentoring, improved Return on Investment ROI by taking projects offshore.

Hiring Process

After applying you will get a call from the HR department and they will try to schedule your interview. Since this is an offshore office they are working through the night. So you will be interviewed in the night something like 10:00 PM onwards. In my opinion this is the best time as most of the people in their office are available at this time. At 8:00 PM the place is deserted so in my opinion 10:00 PM is a good time for the interview unless you want to wait for more than an hour for someone to come and interview you.

Once you are there they will give out a form having the usual details like Personal Information, Work Experience, Educational Background and Professional References.

Interview Questions

The interview process is pretty simple. A senior person will come and interview for the applied position. The questions are pretty simple. I am just outlining some of the technical questions here so that people can get an idea about the process.

  • How many type of drivers are there in JDBC with a little explanation of each one.
  • Which one of these driver types is usually used in Java? Also explain how to get a connection?
  • Lets assume you are an architect of a Web Application take shopping cart for an example. How would you secure this application? Also discuss about any particular security framework or library you might use?
    Tip: Talk about every aspect of security ranging from front-end validation, SSL to Database Security and Transaction Levels in Database layer.
  • Talk about Java Business Integration especially Java Connector Architecture’s Resource Adapter.
  • How do threads communicate. Explain with reference to wait, notify and notifyAll methods.
  • Which Web Application Frameworks have you worked on? They are especially interested in experience with JBoss Seam. (Not much questions about Seam framework though)
  • Some discussion about EJBs like what are session beans etc.
  • Since the company is IBM business partner most of the focus is on IBM Rational Tools and experience with these tools is definitely a plus.

That is it from the technical side. If you get through this then next is an interview/discussion over the phone to someone in US. Most probably the Development Manager or sometimes even the CEO.

Overall Comments

Overall the company is project based and they cater for the middle-east side and US as well. The office is well equipped with a small conference room.

For the middle east side they send people on-site or hire on contract basis if the resources are not available within the company. For the US side their engineers are working from the office and are always on call for any support/maintenance tasks.

They pay well and there is a whole lot of benefits available. From the process perspective there is room for improvement.

If you are OK with the night timings and would like to work on different projects than Royal Cyber Inc. is a good place.

Royal Cyber Inc. – Interview Questions

4 thoughts on “Royal Cyber Inc. – Interview Questions

  1. Hi MC guy,
    I too have given interview there. the nights shifts are from 6 to 2:30 shift or other shift is 3 to 11:30…

    company does provide the transportation but i think with one side only.

  2. Sure Why not,
    My interview conduct at 8pm night, and i have to wait for around 20 mins, then they asked me to fill a form regarding my bio data, experiences, references and expected salary etc.
    Then again waiting for around 20 mins they called me for interview. Interview was simple, not as much hard as i was expecting, they more focus on what you did at your previous company and mostly question about it.
    They focus on communication skills, presentations and learning guts in guy. They concerns about family too because it is halfly night based jobs so going late around 12 or 2:30 at night could be a problem, so they really descible each and every aspect to you.

    This is what i see there and share for our others mates too. you can further contact me at abstract_faize[at]yahoo[dot]com |

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