How to screw your workforce

There are three ways of screwing the workforce and here are those golden points for everyone:

  1. Always try to eat the credit of others. And obviously if you are lucky this news will get to the people whos credit you ate. When this happens make sure that you try your best to convince them that what a good job they did and how impressed you were by their efforts.
    But make sure that you don’t have to appreciate anyone on writing and keep these discussions off the records i.e, written emails, letter of appreciations are not appreciated at all.
  2. Pay them as low as possible. When they come crying that their salary is not even comparable to their peers in the market convince them that they are working on a very unique project and they won’t be able to find anything similar in the market. If that doesn’t work tell them that it is always bad to take money as the motivation factor and working for money won’t get them high up the career ladder.
  3. Last but not the least. Whenever they make any mistake make sure that you told this to them – yea that is a good thing – but theres a twist here. Don’t tell this to them in Person, pinpoint them in front of everyone so that every other person also knows that mistakes are not appreciated here.

These are just the starting points but I am pretty sure that these will do the job more often then not. Feel free to share thoughts, suggestions and share the Golden rules you have come across to make this the ultimate Golden List for making the lives of the Employees a living hell.

How to screw your workforce

2 thoughts on “How to screw your workforce

  1. Meher Iqbal says:

    You just nailed it. I love your posts.

    There is no need to be creative when it comes to screwing the workforce – the people who actually work and make the business succes. It is so sad that the local market just seems to be following these rules. I have seen some creative people come up in this too – where a Civil Engineer was given the job a Technology Organization and guess what he did? He treated people like _MAZDOORS_ and all came to a horribel end.

    I just love your post. Keep on sharing your thoughts.

  2. Faisal Feroz says:

    @Meher – Thanks for the comment.

    Yea I have seen many situations too in the local market where people are treated like stationary. In the Technology business its the people who make the business – the domain knowledge they have is the key for success. Its sad that even after so many examples where businesses have gone down the hole such practices are still practiced.

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